Perkin Warbeck by John Ford

Title: Perkin Warbeck.
Authors: John Ford.
Date: c. 1634.

Genre: Historical.
Language Difficulty Rating: 5 (moderate difficulty).
Setting: England and Scotland, 1490’s.

Perkin Warbeck is probably the best historical play of the era, not including those written by Shakespeare. Our annotated version of the play is filled with notes on the fascinating characters presented and the historical context of the events described.

Introduction to the Play: Henry VII of England had taken over the throne after his forces defeated those of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. A rebel himself, Henry was forced to suffer the rise of his own collection of Pretenders to the throne throughout his kingdom. Perkin Warbeck was one of the most colorful of the Pretenders. 

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