The Plays and Playwrights

All plays are available in annotated editions (in both pdf and epub files).

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I. Notes on the Plays, and Downloading to Your E-reader
II. Notes on the Annotations

III. Notes on Iambic Pentameter
IV. What Should I Be Thinking About as I Read the Plays?

Beaumont and Fletcher             

Introduction to Beaumont and Fletcher
The Scornful Lady (1609-10)
A King and No King (1611)

George Chapman                       

Introduction to George Chapman
The Gentleman Usher (1606)
The Widow’s Tears (1612)

John Ford                                   

Introduction to John Ford
Love’s Sacrifice (1633)
Perkin Warbeck (1634)

Philip Massinger                        

Introduction to Philip Massinger
The Virgin Martyr (1620)
The Duke of Milan (1621)
The Maid of Honour (1621)
The Picture (1629)

John Lyly                                    

Introduction to John Lyly.
Campaspe (1580-1)
Midas (1590)