Cupid’s Revenge by Beaumont and Fletcher

Title: Cupid’s Revenge.
Authors: Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.
Date: c. 1611-2

Genre: Tragedy.
Language Difficulty Rating: 5 (moderate).
Setting: Lycia in Asia Minor

If Shakespeare had never been born, the most famous evil character to have come out of Elizabethan Drama might have been Bacha, the despicable widow and duchess of Beaumont and Fletcher’s Cupid’s Revenge, rather than Iago or Richard III. The primary lesson of this straight-forward tragedy, however, is never neglect the gods, for when the gods get angry, humanity is helpless.

Our Story: the duke’s daughter Hidaspes decides that her birthday wish is to destroy the cult of Cupid that permeates Lycian culture. When his statues are destroyed and temples torn down, Cupid decides to visit revenge on the royal family. The result is one of the weirdest and most demented series of events to come out of the Elizabethan era.

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