The Duke of Milan by Philip Massinger

Title: The Duke of Milan.
Author: Philip Massinger.
Date: c. 1621.

Genre: Tragedy, some comedy.
Language Difficulty Rating: 4 (moderately straight forward).
Setting: Italy.

In The Duke of Milan, Massinger has written a clever play: the characters are not what they first appear to be, and your feelings about them will change as you read along. Look out also for an epic and hilarious confrontation between Marcelia and her mother- and sister-in-law.

Our Story: the Duke of Milan has married Marcelia, a woman of no account, and his doting over her is causing great resentment in his mother and sister. When the Duke is forced to temporarily leave Milan, his advisor Francisco propositions Marcelia, whom he is in love with. The results will be unpleasant for all.

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